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Rules and regulations

School begins at 7:25 am when all students assemble in the playground for morning assembly.

It is obligatory for all students to attend morning assembly and any student entering school later than 07:35a.m., will be deemed late.

School closes at 2:05 pm for students of grade 1- 12 and 12:30 pm for K.G. 1 and K.G. 2. Students are obliged to go to their respective buses or their guardians who have been assigned to collect them. A ten-minute grace period is given to parents who collect their wards.

About the School

Rosary Private School is an Arabic medium school from Kindergarten 1 to grade 12, with provisions for boys until grade 5 only. In KG 1 and 2 classes are mixed after which, students are segregated into Primary Girls’ Section and Primary Boys’ Section. The Secondary Girls’ Section houses students from grade 7 to 12.

Rosary follows the Ministry of Education curriculum. It admits students in all grades based on the results of an entrance exam conducted in Arabic, Mathematics and English. The school reserves the right to cease admissions to all grades when it deems this is necessary to bring the school in line with ADEK requirements on maximum numbers of students per class. This is to ensure the safety of all students and facilitate a good environment for learning. The school maintains a waiting list and students who are on it will be intimated as per the availability. Diagnostic assessments are conducted for all new students in compliance with the MOE curriculum the school follows. The children of teachers and those who have their siblings in RPS are given preference.

Documents required on admission to the school:

  • birth certificate
  • previous school leaving certificate along with mark sheet
  •  passport photocopy with valid residence visa
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Emirates ID


All students are obliged to wear the school uniform available at the school uniform store.

Open footwear is not permitted as part of the uniform.

Students are expected to maintain a neat, hygienic length of hair. Students are not permitted to dye their hair or have exaggerated hairstyles. Girls must have their hair tied if it is longer than shoulder length.

Wearing of nail polish is not permitted in the school. Girl students are allowed to wear earrings which are studs or small rings and do not draw attention. Boys are not permitted to wear ear ornaments. Tattoos and body piercing are not permitted.


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